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I love to read, mostly historical fiction with a little historical romance and some ghosty stories thrown int.

The Last Letter from Your Lover

The Last Letter from Your Lover - Jojo Moyes I like Jojo Moyes. Last year at Christmas, I read The Girl You Left Behind, and I loved it. When I finished, I went straight to Amazon and put a few of her books on my wishlist. This book was one of them. I had been saving it for the perfect moment. That moment came this week. I was having a hard time getting into any book. I have one in particular for review, and I can’t seem to get past the first chapter. When I saw this on my iPad, I knew it was time to read it.Everything about this novel is what I expected from Ms. Moyes. It was easy to read and perfectly paced. There were no spots that dragged on. The plot was interesting and the characters were well developed.We started the book in the 1960′s. As Jennifer is trying to piece together her memory after the accident, she finds the love letters, which are obviously not from her husband. She tries to figure out who they might be from, and pretty early on, a few different men have potential. Eventually we discover who “B” really is.I don’t usually enjoy infidelity in novels, but Jennifer’s story is written in such a way that it didn’t bother me too much. Jennifer was not lacking morals, it seemed that she was just in a bad situation. Plus, it was obvious that the love between her and “B” was genuine. As the book went on I really felt sorry for her and wanted her to be happy.Now, the “present” storyline starred Ellie, who is “seeing” a married man. She bothered me because she was selfish and shallow and pretended to be naïve about John’s wife. I was not as interested in her story, unless is helped to further Jennifer’s plot.I liked the ending, it was expected, but enjoyable. There were a few holes towards the end that were pretty obvious to me, but they were far enough along that it didn’t bug me that much.girlbehindI would not consider this book to be historical fiction, or historical romance even. Although it was partially set in the 1960′s, I didn’t feel like I was in that decade much. It was more women’s fiction, and it was done very well. However, I like a bit more history and a bit less love story in my books.I struggled with a rating for this book. I did not like it as much as The Girl You Left Behind, which I thought was near perfect. It should be 3.5 diet coke goblets, but because of the wonderful writing, I rounded it up.Checkout this review and MORE at Momwithabook.com