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I love to read, mostly historical fiction with a little historical romance and some ghosty stories thrown int.

Redeeming Brother Murrihy: The River To Hiruharama

Redeeming Brother Murrihy: The River To Hiruharama - Antony Millen When I started reading this I thought it was way out of my comfort zone. It is set in 2004, so it isn’t historical fiction, and there was no old family secret to unearth. But, as I continued reading, I realized that it wasn’t so terribly different from what I usually read. And, there WAS a big family mystery that had to be figured out after all.And while it was the familiarity of solving that mystery that kept me turning the pages, it was the main character’s journey that really made me think. Conrad went of a journey not just from Canada to New Zealand, but also on a journey of faith and family.I will admit that it was a bit more theological than I had expected, and than I normally enjoy. I didn’t mind the religious plot, but some of the ideas were beyond me. I tried to keep track, but I did get confused in some places.The author definitely created a compelling story though. I could not wait to finish this book because I HAD to find out what happened to Frankie. The ending was not a disappointment. It made sense. It was right.As I followed Conrad all around New Zealand I thought about how much research Mr. Millen must have done. He combined the catholic religion with the beliefs and language of the native people. He used these characters and beliefs to show what faith and family really means.I am so thankful to Mr. Millen for giving me the opportunity to read and review his novel. If you are looking for something a little different, something that will make you stop and think, then I suggest you give it a try.