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The Keeper of Secrets: A Novel

The Keeper of Secrets - Julie  Thomas This is another book that I won for early review. It was a quick and easy read, and very enjoyable. It followed the now popular formula that I have been loving lately, a now and then plot line that comes together in the end. This one was a bit different though, in that a priceless violin was one of the main “characters”.There were so many really lovely characters in this novel. Truly though, this is a story of the Horowitz family, both during the 30s and 40s, and the present day. I think that my favorite had to be Simon Horowitz. I loved his passion for music and his pride in his family’s beautiful instruments. He was in awe of his father’s priceless violin and dreamed of the day when he would be able to play it. Of course WWII and the Nazis ruined his dream. The scenes in the concentration camp were hard to read, but at the same time, I could not put the book down until I found out what happened to him.The present day story of Daniel Horowitz was written very well. I can see a teenage boy being torn between sports and friends, and the demands of an incredible talent. Although I couldn’t stand his mother, I think the way that Rafael Gomez was able to help him was wonderful.Probably my favorite part of this novel was the history of the violin. It was interesting to follow it’s travels through the different people who tried to claim it as their own.Overall, I would recommend this novel. It has a wonderful well developed characters and an intriguing plot that kept me turning the pages.Checkout this review and MORE at Momwithabook.com