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I love to read, mostly historical fiction with a little historical romance and some ghosty stories thrown int.

Letters from Skye: A Novel

Letters from Skye - Jessica Brockmole I put this book on my wishlist the minute I found out about it. It promised everything I love in a novel: two stories from two different times that come together in the end, a bit of England, historical fiction and a touch of romance. I was so happy to win a review copy from Goodreads, and I started it the minute it arrived at my house.I had forgotten that the whole book is written as a series of letters, and when I first started I was a bit apprehensive. Would that epistolary style distract me and make it harder for me to get into the story(a bit ADD I guess)? Well, I shouldn’t have worried. I am happy to say that it Ms. Brockmole eased us into these written relationships beautifully. Both storylines were developed and written equally well, although I personally enjoyed the Elspeth/World War I storyline better.There was so much to love about Elspeth. She was ahead of her time being a published female poet. She was honest with her feelings and had a real fun sense of humor. She did what needed doing and took chances when it came to love, even when it wasn’t always the easiest thing to do. I also loved David. He was just so American and the way he described himself was perfect. I could easily picture him doing all the crazy and dangerous things he wrote about.Margaret’s storyline was good too, but to be honest rushed through her story just a few times in order to get back to Elspeth.Many times while I was reading this I paused to think about the way people communicated during these two wars. I read their letters to each other as quick as I could have read real time texts between my husband and I. But actually, it took weeks or more for the letters to cross the Atlantic, especially during wartime. I know the second my hubby receives and then reads my texts. It would drive me crazy to wait so long for a reply. Of course texts are brief and these letters were more detailed, eloquent, and personal. They had to be, they mattered more and were saved and revisited.I recommend this book to anyone who loves historical romance and dual storylines. It is a quick easy read. The entire story revolves around Elspeth and Davids’s developing relationship. It is heavier on the romance than I usually read (lovey dovey, not physical), but I expected that and really enjoyed it in this novel.Checkout this review and MORE at Momwithabook.com