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The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood - Helen Bryan Before I start this review, I want to mention that I have a lousy memory. So bad in fact, that it is the butt of many jokes among my friends. Because of this I rarely remember much about a book’s plot once I have moved on to another one. Good book or bad, it really doesn’t matter. I read this book in March and have read six books since. Yet I still remember the general plot and many of the details. And this book is full of details. I really wish that I had written this review sooner, but I actually took notes on the iPad while I was reading. So here is my unedited reaction to the book:“Yes yes yes! loved it. Consuming read. Could not stand to be away. Perfect blend of historical fiction and addictive plot. Best from NetGalley yet. Some very convenient coincidences in the beginning and I thought “oh no”, but no worries. The dual time is done well. I can always tell when I’m happily lost in a book because I don’t sneak around looking for my next read. The cover did nothing for the story but this time I did not care. I really need to read Ms. Bryan’s previous book, which I have already downloaded.”So, in summary:This is one of my top 5 books of the year, I knew it would be as I was reading. At 36 percent done I actually commented that I was already sad that it was going so fast. I knew I would miss it when it was all done, and I do. This novel spans centuries, so as I mentioned above, there are a lot of details and characters. I tried to pay attention to these details because I knew they would come up again. Many times I had to jot down who was who and how people were connected. This did not bother me because the story was that good. Plus I loved the ending. I was hoping that it would turn out the way it did, and I was so happy with the end. I don’t usually reread novels, but if I ever did, I would start with this one.Checkout this review and MORE at Momwithabook.com