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I love to read, mostly historical fiction with a little historical romance and some ghosty stories thrown int.

The Opposite of Me

The Opposite of Me - Sarah Pekkanen Summary: Twenty-nine year old Lindsey Rose lives in the shadow of her beautiful fraternal twin sister, Alex. In order to get noticed, Lindsey works hard. She is the smart one, she got good grades in school, got into a great college, and has a successful job as a creative director for a New York advertising agency. One night, when she didn’t see all her hard work paying off, she makes a mistake that changes her life. While she tries to fix her mistake, she comes back home to her parent’s house in Maryland, and is confronted with what she left behind… how great Alex is. My Thoughts: This is not my usual read. I like a good contemporary fiction, but this was a bit more chick lit than I usually read. However, that does not mean that it was bad; quite the opposite it was pretty good. The story is told through Lindsey’s eyes. The first hundred or so pages were slow for me. I couldn’t identify with her life in New York: working 80 hour weeks, directing a team of people, competing with coworkers for accounts. I didn’t even like her all that much. But, when she got home, she eventually became more human and likeable. I started to like the new Lindsey. I enjoyed the new friends that she made, as well as the old friendships that she re-established. I do not have a sister, but I have two daughters who are as opposite as night and day. I can see how a lifetime of feeling not quite as good can lead to hurt feelings in adulthood. The relationship that these sisters had was sad. However the changes that they both went through, together and separately, were heartwarming. This book was a light and enjoyable read. I liked the ending, even though it was a bit predictable.